Sunday 14 October 2012

Free Reads!

Yes, this blogpost is about stories that are Free and where to find them. I've started it off with my romantic suspense, Night of the Storm. This full length novel is now Free at Smashwords, DieselSony and Apple.

Please share your own Free Reads and where to find them in the comments section of this blog.

Please come and have a look and a browse, too - lots of excellent stories here!

Happy Reading!

Lindsay Townsend


Miriam Newman said...

My paranormal romance, Deirdre, is free at Smashwords:

A retelling of the ancient Irish legend, Deirdre of the Sorrows, this is a classic tale of love, magic, betrayal and revenge.

Uncle Sam said...

Hi Here's three free books on Amazon:
GIRL POWER - War on Women

French Kiss

Felicity Jones

Fiona McGier said...

Free on Smashwords, the 4th book in my Reyes Family Romances series. Each book focuses on one member of this large, passionate family, and how each person finds their true love. Prescription For Love:

Find out more on my website:

Unknown said...

Isn't Smashwords wonderful? I have a cute and sexy free short story out there, Sasha's Revenge. I hope you enjoy it.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this posting opportunity, Lindsay!

A.K. said...

Free Smashwords short available in all formats

Love reviews as well!

Gilli Allan said...

My book, TORN, is free on Amazon Kindle, Wednesday 24, Thursday 25 and Friday 26 October. It's a contemporary but unconventional romance.

She can escape her past but can she ever escape herself?

Life is not a fairy tale; it can be confusing and difficult. Sex is not always awesome; it can be awkward and embarrassing, and it has consequences. You don't always fall for Mr Right, even if he falls for you. And realising you're in love is not always good news. It can make the future look daunting.
Jess has made a series of bad choices. Job, relationships and life-style have all let her down. By escaping the turmoil of her London life, she is putting her young child first. This time she wants to get it right, to devote herself to being a mother. But the country does not offer the 'good life ’idyll she pictured. The landscape she looks out on is under threat, new friends have hidden agendas, two very different men pull her in opposing directions.

And in the face of temptation old habits die hard. She is torn between the suitable man and the unsuitable boy.

Unknown said...

WALKING THROUGH GLASS, my Victorian mystery romance, is FREE from today on Amazon Kindle. Take a look if you can at

Kim McMahill said...

My romantic suspense novel, Marked in Mexico is free to download to Kindle at on October 26 and 27, 2012. Just search under Marked in Mexico or Kim McMahill. For more information visit
I hope you enjoy the adventure!

Unknown said...

Hello Lindsay,
I'm afraid that I haven't broken into the officially published media, ebook or otherwise.

I do have a fiction stories blog however and I hope to use it as a vehicle to "make my bones" and ultimately venture to publish.

Thanks for the voice!

Ella M. Kaye said...

Lindsay, I have this one waiting for me! Thanks for all of the links. I'll add all of the Smashwords authors as faves. :-)